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Dr Louise R Mayhew


Dr Louise R Mayhew is an Australian feminist art historian and the Foundation Theory Convenor at QCA.

Mayhew completed her PhD at UNSW Art & Design in 2014. Her thesis uncovered, and investigated, the first history of women-only art collectives in Australia. In 2015, Mayhew continued this research in two key directions. With New Work funding from the Australia Council she brought her research up to date, documenting the rise of “artist girl gangs” in Australia’s contemporary artworld. As the SLNSW Nancy Keesing Fellow, she researched the library’s holdings of posters made at Sydney’s infamous Women’s Warehouse (1979–81).


In 2016, Routledge published Mayhew’s findings on sisters who collaborate in the international anthology, Collaborative Art in the Twenty-First Century. Mayhew has also written for the AM Journal of Art and Media Studies, the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, Rebus, Art Monthly, Imprint, SL News and The CoUNTess. She has shared her research at local and international events, including: The Selfie and Social Media: a digital methods symposium (2016), AAANZ Conferences (2016, 2014, 2012 and 2011), the AAH: Conference & Bookfair (2013) and the Feminist Art History Conference (2013).

In 2017, Mayhew continues her investigation and promotion of women’s artistic practice.  


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