Miyuki Inagaki  Line of Memory

Miyuki Inagaki Line of Memory

DRAWING WATER (DIG TOKYO 2016)ドローイング・ウオーター(DIG東京2016)

26 – 28 September 2016 2016年9月26日〜28日

A cross-cultural exchange project based on the value of making connections and valuing contingencies.

Drawing Water is an exchange project between students from Queensland College of Art, Griffith University (QCA), Brisbane, Australia, Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA), and Joshibi University of Art and Design (Joshibi) - see below.

Water is central to contemporary concerns about sustainability; but it has also been central to our own physical being (our bodies are composed of at least 70 percent of water) and to our dreams and unconscious. The project will encourage artists to search for streams of continuity and rivers of shared ideas and follow them until they arrive at inland seas where new possibilities of understanding and connecting the world bob on the surface.

The Drawing Water project will begin with a series of on-line exchanges by visual researchers from all institutions, and will culminate in a ten-day workshop in Tokyo in September 2016. Outcomes will include exhibitions and events in Tokyo and Brisbane, papers, and an online catalogue.

This project is a joint initiative between Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research and Touch Base Creative Network.

  Drawing Water  Catalogue

Drawing Water Catalogue


Participating Students

Group 1

Carol McGregor (QCA)

Sachiko Suzuki, Yuki Sawaoka (TUA)

Mana Ishimoto, Masumi Iida (JOSHIBI)

Group 2

Sally Molloy (QCA)

Miyoko Ozaki (TUA)

Nonoko Kanke, Misuzu Kanda (JOSHIBI)

Group 3

Anthony Vue (QCA)

Rubii Miyoshi (TUA)

Misaki Nakatsuji, Sayuri Furukawa, Hanano Sakamoto (JOSHIBI)

Group 4

Nat Koyama (QCA)

Miyuki Inagaki, Tomohiro Kubota (TUA)

Maho Saito, Madoka Sugino (JOSHIBI)

Faculty: 教員:

Ross Woodrow, Pat Hoffie, Bill Platz (Queensland College of Art GCCAR)

Linda Dennis (Touch Base Creative Network)

Katsuaki Sakata (Joshibi University of Art & Design)
坂田 勝亮(女子美術大学)

Hirotoshi Sakaguchi (Tokyo University of the Arts)
坂口 寛敏(東京藝術大学)

Organization: 主催: 

Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research (GCCAR) & Touch Base Creative Network
グリフィス大学芸術研究センター(GCCAR) & タッチ・ベース・クリエーティブ・ネットワーク


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