30 September—2 October 2015

Queensland College of Art
Griffith University
226 Grey St, South Brisbane

DIB Symposium Convenors:

Drawing International Brisbane (DIB) is a project of the Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research (GCCAR), Drawing International Griffith (DIG), and the Queensland College of Art (QCA) at Griffith University. 

Recognising the importance of an active dialogue about the role and significance of contemporary drawing, DIB 2015 will show the state of drawing as it manifests across a broad spectrum of inquiries, including curatorship, scholarship and practice. The Symposium includes academic sessions as well as a suite of curated exhibitions of prominent Australian artists, artist’s workshops and presentations, group exhibitions showcasing the work of the national and international delegates, and performance and installation projects. 

The aim of the Symposium is to provide a platform for national and international collaboration, transdisciplinary inquiry and experimentation, and progressive drawing education. It will also bridge disciplinary boundaries and engage a wide range of practices and discourses, from dance and theatre to linguistics, design and interactive technologies. Rather than attempting to define drawing or to expand established definitions, DIB 2015 will shape an investigation of drawing according to its relationships with the ego, the artefact and the arena. The Symposium will demonstrate the potential of drawing to interrogate the self and body, the materiality of drawing, and methods that hybridise performance, theatre and site. Drawing International Brisbane will present an opportunity to unite, synthesise and disseminate drawing knowledge in the service of educators, historians, curators and artists who are committed to the rigour and potential of drawing in the 21st century.