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Beyond 3D Printing: Digital Landscape FORUM

The Forum featured presentations from worldwide specialists: Olaf Diegel, Lionel Dean, Ian Gibson and Jennifer Loy as well as case studies from Queensland designers and industry. Materialise have opened the doors on a new factory in Germany dedicated to metal 3D Printing, Airbus estimatethat they will be producing 3D printed parts by the ton going forward, Wohlers’ report predicts 3D printing will be a 2 billion dollar industry within 5 years and the CEO of HP has now been appointed the CEO of their additive manufacturing division. This technology has gone far beyond a mere prototyping technology, and every industry sector must benow considering the potential impact on their working practice. Just as music retailing was side-swiped by Web 2.0, and even further back - suppliers of copper wire for telephones assumed their hold on the market unassailable before optic fibres were invented - there is a danger of complacency in the prevailing attitude of many companies in Australia at the moment.

Masterclass and workshops presented by: Dr Lionel Dean of Future Factories, Associate Professor Jennifer Loy, Program Leader Industrial Design Griffith University& Professor Olaf Deigel, Lund University

23 November 2015
The Edge, State Library of Queensland
Stanley Place, Cultural Centre, Southbank, Brisbane QLD 4101

3D Printing

Beyond 3D Printing: Digital Landscape Forum