Example M. (Photography)

Using the medium of photography M has been exploring the degradation of waterways through increases in salinity. The photographs he has produced over a three-year period across various sites are highly original in that they paradoxically focus on aesthetically pleasing, often sumptuously coloured, algae and other formations in the water ways. Because of the arresting nature of the images, M is invited to show in several group shows in small regional galleries in the places he has visited and has several individual works included in selective photography prizes.

During the past three years, M has exhibited or made publicly available twelve original large photographic images on his chosen research theme. Each of the images was made during that period and was exhibited once only. Documentary evidence exists for each exhibition and indeed all of these minor outputs have been included on the Griffith Research Portal as: (Q2_1) Three works in group exhibition in Ipswich Regional Art Gallery, 2014; (Q2_1) Two works, group show, Gold Coast City Art Gallery, 2014; (Q2_1) One photograph selected for inclusion, Photographic Award Gold Coast Art Gallery, 2014; (Q2_1) Two works selected for inclusion in Photographic Art Prize, Mackay Art Space, 2015; (Q2_1) Four new works in curated exhibition in the Webb Gallery QCA, Brisbane, 2015.

To make up the portfolio, M goes to “My Publications” on the Griffith Portal and enters a new publication Q1_1 Original creative work - Visual art work and enters Portfolio followed by a descriptive title for the research. In the “comments field” M lists the fiveQ2_1 items with the unique reference number for each as allocated on the GriffithResearch Portal. Most importantly, M writes a comprehensive research statement that gives a rationale and context for the synthesis of these outputs and ensures that the documentation supplied with each is extensive enough to give a clear indication of the quality and scope of the research. This verification documentation must include catalogue, invitation, review or advertisement that confirms the work was made publicly available at a specific venue on the particular dates and an image of every work exhibited.