Example H. (Writing)

H is an art historian/theorist who generally publishes in refereed journals but she is increasingly requested to write catalogue essays. In 2014, H published a critical piece on the Vivid festival in Sydney in the online publication the Conversation and followed this up in 2015 with another critical analysis in the Conversation of the work in the Australian pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Both pieces were written in a much more popular register to that of her usual academic work, although they did contain a number references to scholarly publications. Both pieces also created considerable feedback posted in response on the Conversation forum and two prominent art theorists engaged with H in relation to her continuing critique of relational aesthetics. Because of the polemical tone of the pieces H published in the Conversation and the inclusion of photographs she had taken of both Vivid and the Biennale work, these outputs were entered on the portal by H as Q2_3 Minor Creative Textual Works rather than C2 non refereed journal articles. This was fortuitous, because H was invited in 2015 to write two short catalogue essays. One of these was a 1200 word essay for a radical anti-consumerist artist run space in Melbourne and the other, a 1500 word essay for a “steam punk” exhibition at the Tweed River Gallery in NSW. On reviewing these four pieces of writing, it is clear that in total they represent extensions and applications of H’s particular formulation of accelerationist aesthetics and therefore H ensures that the two new catalogue essays are entered on the portal and verified. Following this, a portfolio with “Accelerationist Aesthetics” or similar descriptive or thematic title is entered on the portal as a Q1_3 on the portal listing the four minor outputs with a compelling research statement linking them together.