ERA ELIGIBILITY AND QUALITY IN THE CREATIVE ARTS Summary of Data Requirements for Non-Traditional Research Output Types

Outlined in the following table is a summary of information to be submitted by institutions for each non-traditional research output type.

Data Item Requirement to include for each non-traditional research output
Staff Creator(s) Required for all authors who are eligible researchers
Creator(s) Required to list all authors of the output
Title Required
Place of Publication Required
Publisher Required if available
Year Published Required
Year Presented Optional
Standard Number Optional (e.g. International Standard Music Number (ISMN)
Issue Optional
Volume Optional
Extent Required
Sensitive Optional
Translated Optional
Sensitive Handling Note Required if output is sensitive
Non-Traditional Output Category Required*
Media Required if available (e.g. interactive video installation, website)
Notes Required if available (e.g. include venue name and type, venue commissioner, role of creator).
Electronic Location Required if nominated for ERA peer review
Available in Open Access Repository Required (Yes/No)
Four-digit FoR Code Apportionment Required (a maximum of three)
Nominated FoR Code for Peer Review Optional (a maximum of three)
Indigenous Research Optional
Institutional Unit(s) Optional
Portfolio Name Required for items that are part of a portfolio
Portfolio Number Required for items that are part of a portfolio
Research Statement Required if nominated for ERA peer review (in the case of portfolios, only one statement should be submitted)

* For ERA 2015, there are five categories of Non-Traditional Research Outputs: Original Creative Works; Live Performance of Creative Works; Recorded/Rendered Works, Curated or Produced Substantial Public Exhibitions or Events; and Research Reports for an External Body