Vanghoua Anthony Vue

Vanghoua Anthony Vue’s practice recontextualises his Hmong heritage within his Australian upbringing and experience. Focusing on Hmong history and traditions, Vue takes an abstract and autobiographical approach to their reinterpretation and reinvention through an array of materials, influences and processes. Working in fine arts, new media, and public and collaborative projects, Vue’s process-based practice departs radically from notions of ‘cultural traditions’ whilst rejecting established definitions of cultural and national identity, craft, design and high art. Among Vue’s practice are investigations of ‘The Other’ and their representation within nation-states, postmemory as mediated through faded visual forms and oral history, and the reinvention of cultural traditions to explore their continuing relevance and potential to be transformed and diversified into new cultural contexts.

Current and recent projects include: Pa Kor Day working with multicultural young people in Logan to create site-specific public installations (2016-17), Weaving Our Heritage with installations along Eagle Lane in Brisbane CBD as part of BrisAsia Festival (2016), 14,600 a participatory project with Hmong communities across Australia and the general public in Cairns (2015), Paj Hoob a collaborative installation with Hmong Hobart young people as part of Tasmania’s International Art Festival (2015), and a number of solo andgroup exhibitions in Brisbane. 


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