Sally Molloy

Sally Molloy is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brisbane, Queensland. Her practice is concerned with critiquing invisible and unspoken colonial legacies, paying particular attention to the ‘everyday’ manifestations of colonialism that characterised her white Australian suburban upbringing, and continue to shape her life and practice. Orbiting around conceptual terrains of ‘non-Indigeneity’, critical whiteness studies, postcolonial theory, and the problematical Australian landscape tradition; her work is often awkwardly humorous and fused with an uneasy reverence. Sally works fluidly across disciplines such as painting, video, sculpture, composition, needlework, collage, and poetry, often questioning the implied hierarchy of media with her naïve aesthetic and enthusiasm for play. Sally recently participated in Drawing Water as part of Drawing International Griffith in Tokyo and is a current PhD candidate at the Queensland College of Art where she is investigating the relationship between fiction, respect, and representations of non-Indigenous ‘connections’ to the Australian landscape.



Australian landscape


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