Llewellyn Millhouse

Llewellyn Millhouse is interested in the relationship between products, entertainment and ideology; using art practice to consider how public images and narratives reflect and inform the values of his community.

Millhouse’s doctoral research responds to advertising narratives targeted at young urban Australians. This research project is based on the hypothesis that thinking about how and why a public narrative is appealing in a specific cultural and socio-historical context can reveal information about the values of that culture. Approaching advertising narratives as primary source evidence, this research aims to bring desire and ideology out from beneath narrative in order to examine and critique it. 

Recent group exhibitions include the 2015 Churchie National Emerging Art Prize at Griffith University Art Gallery, Accidently Annie St. Space’s public art project Another Queue and the 89+ project After Babel / Poetry Will Be Made By All! at the Moderna Museet Stockholm. Millhouse also participated in his first solo exhibition in 2015 at Sawtooth ARI Launceston. Millhouse will be included in the 2016 safARI program, occurring alongside the 2016 Sydney Biennale. 

For documentation of current and past work please visit llewellynmillhouse.tumblr.com


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