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Darren Fisher

Darren Fisher is a confirmed candidate in the Doctorate in Visual Art program at The Queensland College of Art, within the Griffith Film School. His research focuses on the sequential art medium as a tool in the effective communication of mature narrative themes, particularly as it pertains to creating autobiographical texts able to engage and resonate with the reader. Darren’s work explores the areas of identity, representation, truth, and voice, with a keen interest in visual communication and the interdependence of images and words. Through the utilisation of a number of different strategies such as short ‘gag’ comics and short length (5-24 page) self-contained narratives, he makes use of a range of media and storytelling devices in order to create reader engagement. His final output is conceived as an autobiographic sequential art graphic novel focusing on his time in university; examining themes of relationships, love, rejection, heart-break, loneliness, self-loathing, drug abuse and forgiveness. This project sits contextually within the independent comic movement, which had its beginnings lie in late 1960s counterculture (Hatfield 2005; Harvey 1996; Witek 1989). These practitioners questioned cultural practices and mainstream ideology, explored the taboo topic of sex, and depicted graphic acts of violence and horror. In doing so, they demonstrated the communicative possibilities of sequential art, not only as entertainment, but as a tool of free speech and revolution (Witek 1989; Hatfield 2005; El Refaie 2012). Darren’s research contributes to this field via an analysis and critical evaluation of a canon of works, and with a focus on creative practice as reflective research.

Darren is currently at the forefront of the Brisbane independent comic scene through his roles as the organiser of the online 24 Hour Comic Challenge Australia, the independent comics anthology Ashcan, the collaborative comics meet up Ace Comics Jam, and his contributions to various workshops and lectures on visual communication and sequential art. 

See Darren Fisher’s CV for details of his outputs, teaching experience, conference presentations and publications.



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