Daniel Maddock

Daniel Maddock is an award winning cinematographer working in all areas (documentary, commercial, music video, corporate, television drama series and independent feature film). He is a sessional lecturer at Griffith Film School teaching into Cinematography and Live Television Production and is currently undertaking his DVA in the emerging field of virtual cinematography.

Virtual cinematography is cinematography that is constructed through the use of a virtual camera and with virtual lighting to produce computer-generated-imagery. Daniel has explored this idea through several projects including his most recent independent feature-film Space/Time (http:// www.spacetimemovie.com) as well as in the multi-award winning concept trailer Break The Rock (www.breaktherock.com). Daniel is currently exploring applying a virtual cinematography methodology to a documentary concerning the life of Brisbane sculptor Daphne Mayo; this will form part of a co-authored paper with academic and filmmaker Dr. Debra Beattie.

Daniel was most recently awarded an Australian Cinematographers Society Bronze Award for the television drama series ‘Love Patrol’ (season six) in 2015. He has published with Create World (http://www.lulu.com/shop/auc/proceedings-of-createworld-2015/ebook/product-22386900.html) and Australian Cinematographer (http://www.cinematographer.org.au/cms/page.asp?ID=20993).



Virtual Cinematography


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