Damien O'Mara

Damien worked as a structural design engineer for 10 years before studying filmmaking in 2009. Damien made two documentaries, with his 2012 film, Art at the Interface being broadcast on SBS. Damien began taking photographs in 2012, winning the Aesthetic Art Prize in the UK in 2013.

Damien is currently investigating photography’s ability to re-contextualise infrastructure as a symbol of conformity in contemporary Australian society. He uses large scale, panoramic images to deconstruct infrastructure as a symbol of inert, generic and dominant human interaction by depicting the unique particularities of constructed forms. His current series of works investigates the commercial airliner though a series of shoots at the Gold Coast Airport. Damien uses large, photographic panoramas to re-contextualise the airliner by focusing on constructed details and by abstracting and subverting the constructed form. 

Damien’s work references New Objectivity through the use of the urban structure as subject and the use of the panoramic photograph. The works depart from objectivity in their focus on the fractal, curved line within both the natural environment around infrastructure, and in components of the objects themselves. The works break the associations of the ‘man made’ with grid-like regularity, by depicting contemporary structures which utilise irregular components. The works reflect contemporary mathematics where the predictable orderliness of the Newtonian ideal has been superseded by the fractal geometry and chaotic behaviour inherent in nature. 

Damien’s practice suggests that the world is not regular, and that human interaction with the natural through the constructed object is becoming more fractal and less systematic. The change reflects contempory modes of experience, where by the rule based experience of modern societies is giving way to the less homogenised, more interactive and authentic aspects of the human character. 

More information about Damien’s practice can be found at damienomara.com



Objective photography


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