Caity Renolds

Caity Reynolds is an emerging Australian artist, writer and scholar. She has exhibited locally and internationally and regularly contributes to local independent publications. Working cross disciplinary with painting, installation, drawing and sculpture her current research explores the ways in which visual representations of failure in contemporary modes of communication shape, change or challenge presuppositions of the everyday. 

Utilising physical intimacy and relying largely on empathetic engagement, her practice focuses on human failure as quiet moments of embarrassment, momentary lapses of character and unmet expectations.  Influenced by Henri Bergsons seminal 1911 work on humour, titled Laughter her work relies on the concept that social ineptitude and emotional inflexibility can elicit amusement from those who witness it. Using a self-deprecating and diaristic approach to art making, the audience is invited to play witness to her own inability to meet social expectations, physically, emotionally and ideologically.

After completing her undergraduate studies in 2013, she began working on her current PhD research project Failure – A Philosophy in Visual Art. In 2014 she was highly commended as a finalist in the Gather Art Award in Brisbane and a finalist in the Marie Ellis OAM Prize for drawing. She recently completed a collaborative residency at the Crane Arts Centre in Philadelphia, culminating in an exhibition titled The Unpredictable Conceptions in Trans-Disciplinary Collaboration. She is currently working towards a solo exhibition titled Public Places for Private Crying in August 2015, where she will exhibit recent research outputs.



Visual Arts


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