Blair Coffey

In 2015 Blair Coffey’s fully sequenced genome was uploaded to the Internet via the cloud-based platform DNAnexus. His current research utilises printmaking techniques to explore the metaphoric life of DNA, and negotiate the visualisation of his body as a disembodied archive of data. He creates images that incorporate appropriated imagery and visual representations of genetic information.

Coffey’s work has been exhibited locally and internationally. In 2016 the work Conquest from Coffey's solo show Disembodied was awarded the Rio Tinto Martin Hanson Memorial Art Award. Throughout his studies Coffey has been awarded numerous honours and awards including the Griffith University Medal, The NAVA Ignition Award and the Billie Hall Bursary. He has presented his work at the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England and at the 'Holding/Held by the Book' Symposium at Leeds University.  

He is currently a PhD candidate, and has worked since 2015 as a printmaking technical tutor at Griffith University with a specialisation in photographic printmaking techniques.