Professor Ross Woodrow

Professor Ross Woodrow is the Director of the Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research. Woodrow established his early career in Queensland as a painter of challenging suburban themes. He continues to make images across a range of media but with a particular focus in printmaking. His most recent solo exhibitions have been in Brisbane 2014, Philadelphia 2013 and New York in 2011. During his forty years of studio practice he also established his authority in academe acquiring his Fine Art Degree from University of Queensland along with an MPhil and PhD from the University of Sydney. He has published widely in books, journals and catalogues, most recently writing the catalogue essays for the 2014 Adelaide Biennial, Body Politic in Crane Arts Philadelphia 2015 and Mirror Image: Prints and Plates 2015, an exhibition he curated at the Gympie Regional Gallery.

Ross Woodrow has a long established research interest in visual image analysis, racial science and the related areas of physiognomy and phrenology. He is one of a generation of artist/academics who have made a significant contribution to establishing the status of the creative arts in academe as a legitimate form of research. His leadership role in this field is marked by his extensive record in the supervision and examination of Doctoral projects in the creative arts.

More details of Professor Ross Woodrow’s publications and research profile can be found on Griffith's Research Hub.


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