Dr Rosemary Hawker

Rosemary Hawker’s research and teaching centre on the interpretation of contemporary art through medium relations, theories of representation, concepts of visuality, image/text relationships, the history and theory of photography, and in particular, the relationship between photography and painting and the work of German artist Gerhard Richter. She was an invited speaker at Panorama: New Perspectives on Richter symposium at Tate Modern, which was part of their major retrospective of the artist’s work in 2011. She is currently co-curating the first major exhibition of Gerhard Richter’s work in Australia, which will open at QAGOMA in late 2017. 

Her doctorate in Art History from the University of Queensland, entitled “Blur: Gerhard Richter and the photographic in painting”, was awarded in 2007. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Adult and Vocational Education (Griffith University, 1992) and a Bachelor of Arts (University of Queensland, 1983).

Dr Hawker is actively involved in initiating curricula and courses in undergraduate and postgraduate arts education. She has facilitated the recent forming of the Brisbane Consortium for the Visual Arts. This is a scholarly collaboration between the art history-theory programs of Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland working in conjunction with the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art. The Consortium will provide students with greater access to curatorial expertise, major art collections, exhibitions, and internships.

Dr Hawker is an active member of the Australian and New Zealand Art Association and contributes to the visual arts community as a critic and public speaker and through her writing for national and international journals, such as the Oxford Art Journal, History of Photography and the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art.

More details of Dr Rosemary Hawker’s publications and research profile can be found on Griffith's Research Hub.


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