Dr Louise Harvey

Louise is a 3D artist and filmmaker who has been combining her interests in animation production, research and teaching since 2001. After graduating from Griffith Film School with a Bachelor of Animation with honours, she continued her studies to become one of the first people in Australia to earn a Doctor of Visual Arts in animation. Her doctoral thesis - an examination of 3D animation production techniques and principles - formed part of a major ARC-funded study on the topic.

She then spent a number of years working in the Australian animation and film industry, most notably as a previs (previsualisation) lead artist on the 3D-animated television series Animalia, and as a visual effects coordinator on Baz Luhrmann’s Australia. In 2009, she joined the Griffith Film School as a full-time lecturer and researcher, specialising in 3D/CGI (Computer Generated) animation and modelling, and supervising the production of final year students’ short animated films. Her primary field of research is focused on the development of efficient animation production workflows, addressing the ongoing challenge of how to produce quality animation on time and on budget. 

The outcomes of this research have been articulated via conference presentations and papers, and numerous digital art works and animated films. The previs solutions arising from this research have been implemented in the Griffith Film School’s undergraduate and post-graduate programs, resulting in improvements to both quality and speed of student productions.

Louise’s work has been exhibited at a number of national and international venues including Federation Square in Melbourne, Metro Arts in Brisbane, and at the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland. 

More details of Dr Louise Harvey’s publications and research profile can be found on Griffith's Research Hub.


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