Dr Heather Faulkner

Heather Faulkner is a documentary/transmedia practitioner and researcher whose work explores the synergetic themes of identity, place and belonging. She was born in Calgary, on the edge of the Canadian Rockies, and has lived in Asia and Eastern Europe before settling in Australia with her partner.

Her professional career as a photojournalist and award-winning picture editor has seen her work published broadly on an international scale. She has exhibited and published creative works nationally and internationally.

The A Matter of Time Project is a documentary transmedia project that investigates the experiences of eight lesbians who lived in Queensland during the more socio-politically conservative mid-to-late-twentieth-century and how they interpret that experience to have informed their lives today. Since the end of the Joh Bjelke-Petersen government, conditions for LBGTIQ-identified Queenslanders have improved but remain a tenuous arrangement. Faulkner is the author of the forthcoming documentary book, North of the Border: Stories from the A Matter of Time Project, with The University of Western Australia Publishing (UWAP) to be released in September, 2016.


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