Gordon Moyes

Gordon Moyes is the Program Director for the Bachelor of Games Design at the Griffith Film School, within the Queensland College of Art at Griffith University.  An emerging practitioner academic, he has nearly two decades of local and international experience in the commercial computer and video game industry, working as a video game programmer, producer and independent developer.  He brings significant industry experience and connections to his relatively new role in academia. 

His first commercial game contribution was programming the graphics engine and contributing to the artificial intelligence for Auran’s 1997 release Dark Reign: The Future of War, a PC Real Time Strategy game that went on to sell one million copies and help cement Brisbane as the home of Australia’s large scale game development for the following decade.  Taking the opportunity to work for its publisher Activision in Los Angeles immediately following, he continued to work on high profile titles such as Star Trek: Armada, Civilisation: Call to Power and Dark Reign: Rise of the Shadowhand.

A return to Brisbane in 2001 saw him join the recently formed Pandemic Studios, where he Produced the first two games of the Destroy All Humans! series, before seeing the company bound with BioWare and acquired by Electronic Arts in a deal worth $860 million US dollars.

Since joining academia in 2012, he’s been interested in designing, developing and exhibiting ‘art games’ — using games as an expressive medium — and games as performance, e.g. performing game design with Tyson Foster for the opening of the 2013 State Library of Queensland’s games lounge exhibition.  He is also keenly interested in Artificial Life, having curated the 2013 d[GENERATE] exhibition at the Gympie regional gallery which explored the idea of computational creativity.

During May 2015, he exhibited two major pieces at the Brisbane Powerhouse In Real Life digital festival:

  • Business as Usual, an interactive visualisation of the additional heat that humanity is adding to Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Extinction Point, a VR (Virtual Reality) giant robot military simulation set in a climate change impacted future.

July 2015 saw the exhibition of Wise Up Kid! at the Bath Spa MIX Digital Festival in Bath, UK, where he contributed the interactive components to Peter Moyes’ interactive wisdom storybook app.



Artificial Life / Virtual Humans
Meaning in Play
Patterns in Game Design


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