Glen Skien

Glen Skien has spent the major part of his exhibiting life as a printmaker and author of objects in the Central Queensland coastal city of Mackay. Since 1990 he has exhibited consistently throughout regional Queensland with a major survey exhibition Palimpsest The Art of Glen Skien touring throughout regional Australia including Icon gallery in Melbourne.

The continual thread existing in the prints and assemblage box works of Glen Skien is one of illumination of experience and emotion but not descriptively, always with intuition at its heart. Ultimately, intuition here is about the relationship between the creation of meaning and art.

In Gaston Bachelard’s sublime book on the poetic resonances of objects within intimate spaces, The Poetics of Space, he observes that ‘the poetic act has no past, at least no recent past, in which its preparation and appearance could be followed’ (Bachelard,1958). In its cryptic manner Bachelard’s observation is what it feels like to make etchings. The process is so immersive that for the practitioner there is ever only the moment, and once completed the effects so mysterious that nothing could possibly follow and defeat such a singular experience.


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