Dr Eleni Kalantidou

Dr Eleni Kalantidou is a design psychologist, researcher and educator.  She is a Lecturer in Design and Program Convenor (Major & Master of Design Futures) at Queensland College of Art. She is engaged in an ontological understanding of process across multiple modes of practice that include design, architecture and psychology and its implementation on real life projects, research and theoretical work. Her research activities involve the development of Design Psychology as a field of exploration concerning psychosocial and physical adaptation in conditions of risk and change by negotiating issues of materiality and urbanisation, technological dependence, communal interdependence and working knowledge.

Her publications include ‘Design in the borderlands’ (2014, Routledge) which she co-edited with Tony Fry and co-authored with an interdisciplinary group of theorists and practitioners, her contribution of seventeen entries to the ‘Encyclopaedia of Design’ to be published by Bloomsbury (forthcoming, 2015) and a number of scholarly articles. Additionally, her work has been presented and included in the proceedings of numerous international conferences such as the UIA World Congress of Architecture, Durban, 2014.

In 2014 she was awarded with the New Researcher Grant (Griffith University) that supported the realisation of the project “Handled With Care: Developing The Paradigm Of ‘A Culture Of Repair And Share’ In Brisbane, Queensland”.  The project has generated a website and an Application that embed a map of the repair and sharing facilities located in central Brisbane and an experiential forum. For the purposes of this project she organised and curated a research exhibition in Brisbane that was also hosted by the Unmaking Waste 2015 Conference (Adelaide, May 2015).  Besides the digital mediums and the exhibition, the outcomes of this project are incorporated into two peer reviewed papers that were presented and published in the proceedings of international conferences (Unmaking Waste 2015, Adelaide and Product Lifetimes and the Environment (PLATE) 2015, Nottingham, U.K.), and a book chapter that is currently going through a review process.  

More details of Dr. Eleni Kalantidou’s publications and research profile can be found on Research Hub.


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