David Sargent

David Sargent is Creative Director of Liveworm South Bank, a Work Integrated Learning design studio within the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. Liveworm operates as a working design studio with students engaging with a large range of ‘real world’ projects for not-for-profit, cultural, educational and small to medium commercial clients. He also lectures and teaches into the Bachelor of Design Typographic Design and Branding programs.

David’s research focuses on investigating the use of experimental typography to promote positive body image communication, education, and awareness projects. He believe visual communicators can make significant contributions in this field if liberated from the traditional client-provider dynamic and embedded tendencies to make anything visual, 'perfect'.

Recently, he was part of the group exhibitions Design in Flux (2014), and Exchange (2015) at Crane Arts in Philadelphia. In early 2016 his work was exhibited as part of the Project Passion typographic exhibition at Minnesota State University.



Visual Communication


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