Professor Andrew Brown

Andrew R. Brown is an educator, musician, digital artist, and computer programmer. He holds a PhD in Music and is Professor of Digital Arts at Griffith University in Brisbane. His work explores the aesthetics of process and regularly involves programming software as part of the creative process. In addition to a history of computer-assisted composition and audio-visual installations, Andrew has focused in recent years on real-time art works using generative processes and musical live coding, where the software to generate a work is written as part of the performance. 

Andrew’s research is concerned with understanding creative intelligence and how this is mediated through technologies. In particular this involves building digital music systems that analyse and generate music. From these come insights into music perception, music composition and performance practices, and music learning theories and strategies. Recent research funded through the ARC Discovery grants program, applies theories of music perception to music generation. Another focuses on controlling interactive music systems that examine musical duets between humans and computer music systems. 

His writings on Sound Musicianship explore musical knowledge requirements in the 21st century. His theory of Meaningful Engagement concerns effective involvement in creative activities. Andrew frequently develops new algorithmic music techniques as techniques for succinct musical expression in software for his live coding performance practice. He has presented, performed and exhibited in many parts of the world.

More details of Professor Andrew Brown’s publications and research profile can be found on Griffith's Research Hub.


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