Amy Carkeek

Amy Carkeek is a practising photographer and lectures within the Photography Department at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.

Carkeek’s ongoing research investigates the impact, role and function of photography within popular culture and in particular consumer imagery.  Her research explores the manufactured ideologies constructed through such familiar and ubiquitous yet often unquestioned imagery.  Her research critiques the impact these fabricated narratives and superficial representations are having upon shaping Western society’s anachronistic façade and our collective societal values, expectations and desires. Specifically the research seeks to draw attention to and reveal the cracks within the perverse idealisation of a greater manufactured ‘dream’, its associated aspirations and the outcomes of our endless desire to be part of an increasingly affluent, and artificial fantasy.

Carkeek has exhibited in group and solo shows both nationally and internationally. She has exhibited in local Council and Regional Art Galleries as well as Australia Council funded contemporary spaces throughout Australia. Amy has also presented research papers at various conferences including emerging research focused seminars  and the Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand (POPCAANZ). She won the Lord Mayor’s Photography Award ($10,000) and been a finalist in various prestigious awards such as the Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award and Clayton Utz Art Award. 


Constructed photography
Popular culture


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