PROVOKED  The Equal Standard Issue #2  (Page 10) 2016. Broadzine.

PROVOKED The Equal Standard Issue #2 (Page 10) 2016. Broadzine.

Designed to help you navigate your way through the research cycle, the modules have been grouped into three sections:

Discover | Manage | Publish

The modules provide you with strategies, resources and interactive learning activities to enable you to successfully complete your project.

Publishing the results of your research or practice is a necessary step in the scholarly process.

Strategic planning is important and targeting the best outlets possible in each particular discipline is a priority to improve the likelihood of your work making an impact and being cited.

Making research visible and sharing knowledge

As a researcher, you are responsible for efficiently and responsibly carrying out your research and for communicating the results of research effectively. Good data management can save you time and give you peace of mind that your data is not at risk. If you are not subject to commercial or ethical restrictions, you can also increase your research profile by including data outputs as part of your dissemination strategy.