Griffith University Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research


The responsible conduct of research includes the proper management and retention of the research data and primary materials.


Griffith Best Practice Guidelines for Researchers: Managing Research Data and Primary Materials




Data Sharing for innovation

Australian Government Public Data Policy Statement - Australian Government entities required to make non-sensitive data open by default.




The Australian Research Council (ARC) requires researchers to outline how they plan to manage data resulting from ARC funded research.  Grant application forms request a plan for the management of data produced as a result of the proposed research, including but not limited to storage, access and reuse arrangements.

The ARC funding rules for projects commencing in 2017 and 2018 outline the ARC's data management and data sharing requirements (Section A11.5), as well as the budget items supported (Section 5.2) for data.

Publication and Dissemination of Research Outputs and Research Data

A11.5.2 Researchers and institutions have an obligation to care for and maintain research data in accordance with the NHMRC/ARC/UA Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2007). The ARC considers data management planning an important part of the responsible conduct of research and strongly encourages the depositing of data arising from a Project in an appropriate publically accessible subject and/or institutional repository. Where appropriate, the Final Report must outline how data has been made publicly accessible.

A11.5.1 All ARC-funded research Projects must comply with the ARC Open Access Policy on the dissemination of research findings, which is on the ARC website. In accordance with this policy, any publications arising from a Project must be deposited into an open access institutional repository within a twelve month period from the date of publication.

A11.5.3 The ARC strongly encourages all researchers applying for funding to have an ORCID identifier in their RMS Profile.

 Robert Andrew  Corrupting The Linear  2016. Technology, aluminium, string and rocks.

Robert Andrew Corrupting The Linear 2016. Technology, aluminium, string and rocks.