• ensure you meet university, government and funding requirements and expectations

  • ensure you meet ethical and legal requirements

  • preserve your work through high quality documentation of the process and the completed work

  • minimize risk of data loss

  • maintain secure storage, access, identification and retrieval when needed

  • facilitate online sharing:

    • research data, if correctly formatted, described and attributed, can continue to have impact long after the completion of a research project.

    • repositories can track usage information and download statistics to track ongoing impact.

    • sharing makes it easier for others to understand successive iterations of your research

  • facilitate access and discovery for future research and scholarship

  • enhance the profile of the University, its researchers and stakeholder communities.

  • ensure evidence of research survives in a useful form and achieves maximum impact.

 Robert Andrew  Corrupting The Linear  2016. Technology, aluminium, string and rocks.

Robert Andrew Corrupting The Linear 2016. Technology, aluminium, string and rocks.