Some definitions which may be useful are provided here including one from Griffith's policy library and one from Garrett that is more expansive.


“factual records, which may take the form of numbers, symbols, text, images or sounds, used as primary sources for research, and that are commonly

accepted in the research community as necessary to validate research findings”

- (Schedule of Retention Periods for Research Data and Primary Materials - annexure to the Griffith University Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research)


"The digital and other artefacts created during the process of research which through analysis form the evidence that underpins research findings

- (Visual Arts Data Service, UK)


"data which arises out of, and evidences, research

- (Garrett and Granstad, 2012)


Evidence which is used or created to generate new knowledge and interpretations.

‘Evidence’ may be intersubjective or subjective; physical or emotional; persistent or ephemeral; personal or public; explicit or tacit; and is consciously referenced by the researcher at some point during the course of their research.  As part of the research process, research data may be collated in a structured way to create a dataset to substantiate a particular interpretation, analysis or argument. A dataset may or may not lead to a research output, which regardless of method of presentation, is a planned public statement of new knowledge or interpretation

- (Garrett, 2013)

 Robert Andrew  Corrupting The Linear  2016. Technology, aluminium, string and rocks.

Robert Andrew Corrupting The Linear 2016. Technology, aluminium, string and rocks.