Robert Andrew  Corrupting The Linear  2016. Technology, aluminium, string and rocks.

Robert Andrew Corrupting The Linear 2016. Technology, aluminium, string and rocks.

Managing research data is a key element in the process of scholarly communication.

Researchers are required to manage their research data and primary materials in order to meet the requirements of the Australian and Griffith University Codes for the Responsible Conduct of Research and funding bodies. Planning for the management of research data early in a research project can improve research efficiency, guard against data loss and ensure preservation of valuable cultural assets to maximise Griffith's research impact.

This resource complements the Griffith Best Practice Guidelines for researchers: Managing Research Data  and Primary Materials by providing creative arts-specific information and training resources.  

It covers key elements involved in managing your data throughout the research lifecycle:

  • key principles and policies in the context of Australia’s research environment

  • current initiatives and practices

  • how to create a research data plan

  • how to find existing data for research

  • copyright and data ownership

  • publishing and licensing data for reuse

  • ethics, consent and sensitive data

  • data storage and support services available to Griffith researchers