CreateWorld 2016: Call for papers, posters, exhibitions and performances

CreateWorld encourages paper, poster, exhibition and performance submissions relating to our 2016 topic, The Creativity of Things-how the simple objects, and the ways in which humans interact with them, is being reimagined by current practitioners in the overlapping fields of technology, art and design.

Proposals can include a focus on new technologies, techniques or approaches in theoretical or practical aspects of the digital arts including photography, cyber-art, music, e-learning, film, animation and design. Submissions not related to the theme will be considered, but we strongly recommend taking the topic in mind. Our goal is to develop a strong, productive conversation amongst all attendees.



New human-computer interaction beyond the finger swipe. What new physical forms is interactivity taking?

Social connectivity through physical material. How are digital objects extending our sense of community and shared experience?

New materiality - What new places is physical computing taking in art practice?

Data-driven objects - How is data awareness creating new modes of physical experience?


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Proposals Due:
Papers, posters, presentations - 30 September 2016
Artwork & performances - 7 October 2016