Seth Ellis, curator of 'The Creativity of Things' exhibition for CreateWorld conference 2016

 Paul Bardini  Temptouch  2016

Paul Bardini Temptouch 2016


QCA Interactive Media Senior Lecturer Seth Ellis curates the The Creativity of Things, an exhibition for CreateWorld Conference 2016, which was organised around the theme of the same name.  The exhibition included works from past and current Interactive Media students, including the TempTouch artwork seen in the image above.


From the Exhibition Catalogue: 

Taking our cue from the Internet of Things, our goal was to highlight the many, various ways that contemporary creative practitioners—artists, designers, filmmakers—are bringing digital tools into physical experience.

For this exhibition I took as my guiding idea that contemporary “interactive” work is not about any specific technology, or even whether a work is immediately interactive or not; rather it’s concerned with extended presence, the way in which humans move their awareness into the physical world in ways that allow the physical world to move into us. Contemporary digital tools make this possible in a way that has never been seen before, and for a much wider segment of human agents, but the work in this area pulls on a long history of creative toolmaking and use. 


Exhibition Website