From Copper Boilers to Rainforest Remnants: Alicia Lane

Alicia Lane’s work Rainforest Remnants recently won the Swell Sculpture Award sponsored by the City of Gold Coast as a part of the Swell Festival 2016. As a Doctor of Visual Arts student at QCA, she is interested in the way that the natural environment continues to survive along with changes wrought by human activity.

Alicia’s representations of plant forms were on display for the Festival at Currumbin Beach. To be able to construct these forms, she investigated their geometry, not so much for a mathematical purpose but to better understand their shape and to help with their construction.

Apart from each object’s material properties, elements of its social and economic history can also be identified, enabling them to be recognised and identified by viewers. The works on display at Swell were made from old copper boilers from an era preceding the modern washing machine, and recognisable to older community members who grew up with them in the laundry at home.

Alicia is a multi-disciplinary artist who has worked in and exhibited with different media including jewellery and ceramics.