Dr. Jason Nelson, Ireland’s New Binary Press Publishes 'The Bafflement Fires'

 Jason Nelson  The Bafflement Fires  2015

Jason Nelson The Bafflement Fires 2015

New Binary Press is proud to announce the publication of Dr. Jason Nelson’s The Bafflement Firesan interaction fiction/poem in the form of a digital recreation of a Freemason board game from the 1950s.

Based on found documents, this strange game, written by a psychologist and Mason, was seemingly an attempt to alter player perceptions through quiz and play. While it appears some of the game was lost/destroyed (the documents found were incomplete or damaged) enough was there for Nelson to create a semi-accurate version. Using a quiz game engine, and creating new fiction questions and answers, The Bafflement Fires is Nelson’s attempt at building a part fiction, part creative non-fiction world, told through the surreal and literary answers/questions of someone trying to influence how we perceived the world around/inside us, playable on a screen attempting to create its own pixeled reality.