Catherine Large, selected for 'MOSTYN Open 20'

QCA Lecturer in Jewellery + Small Objects, Catherine Large, has been selected for the MOSTYN Open 20 exhibition in Llandudno, Wales. Exhibition organisers have used her work "Strange Things Collection, 2013 - 2015" to promote the exhibition.

MOSTYN Open began in 1989 and calls out to artists, of any age and residing place, to enter work, with the selection made by a judging panel and presented at MOSTYN in an exhibition. The exhibition closes in November 2017. 

Strange Things Collection Statement

These objects, some of which are mysterious and opaque in their origins, have been given a new life and a wider audience by translating or transporting them from a box or drawer, into something that may be worn or displayed to invite a conversation. Adding to these objects with a sterling silver element is a contemplative action, allowing time to consider the origins and history of these pieces. Any work undertaken on these items is reversible, thus enabling them to return to their ‘natural’ state at some point.

- Catherine Large

The collection also toured in the Why Jewellery? exhibition. 

More information about the collection can be found on Catherine Large's website.