Call for papers, abstracts, artistic responses and performances, "Narratives of Climate Change Symposium"

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Narratives of Climate Change Symposium

Call for papers, abstracts, artistic responses and performances


The University of Newcastle, the Griffith Climate Change Response Program and the School of Law and Justice, Southern Cross University invite you to submit abstracts for the Narratives of Climate Change Symposium.

Symposium Dates: 5-6 July 2018

Newcastle Law School,
NeW Space Campus
409 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW Australia

The struggle to solve the problem of human-forced climate change - which requires us to stop using fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas and end deforestation - has become an ever-present backdrop to political discourse, an intermittent topic in popular media, a central concern for community and social movements in the Global South and North, and a magnet for scholarly engagement.

The climate change problem is a disruptive, and potentially creative force that challenges, among other things, diverse ways of living, expectations of a good life, the dominant patterns of production and consumption, dominant frameworks of knowledge and the political, the fundamental precepts of legal systems, and the presupposition that our children’s children will inherit a world in which humans and the greater community of life can flourish.

At the same time, discourses around climate change risk invisibilising other histories of power and exploitation, such as colonialism, that have long inflicted violences upon First Nations peoples and their lifeworlds, and which underpin the reality that both the impacts and root causes of climate change are experienced disproportionally by the most vulnerable. Indeed, some climate change interventions serve to undermine rather than sustain the Earth. 


We invite you to submit proposals for oral presentations in the parallel sessions (30 mins including 10 mins discussion) relating to the topics of the Symposium.
We invite participants to interpret the topics of the Symposium in the broadest sense. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Narratives of Climate Justice
  • Narratives of Activism and Climate Change Narratives of Climate Science
  • Storytelling and Climate Change

*Participants may submit full papers for publication in a special issue of the Newcastle Law Review by 5.00pm on Friday 18 May 2018.


We also invite you to submit proposals for artistic responses and performances of all kind, including dance, music and multimedia, presented in the context of explaining and accepting that we cannot distance ourselves from the causes and effects of climate change. Artistic responses and performances may be conducted within the parallel sessions or be "inter sessional", according to the nature of the proposal


Deadline: Friday 2 March 2018 at 5pm

Format and Style:

  • Should not exceed 400 words
  • Times New Roman 11 pt; double spacing 
  • For scholarly presentations, do not include figures, tables, footnotes, endnotes or other references. For artistic responses and performances, please describe the nature and content with as much detail as possible.

    Submit your abstract and register at:

Registration will open in January 2018 and early-bird registration ends 25 May 2018.

Further information on the website.

Image: Greenland iceberg floating past the village of Narsaq. Photographer Brendan Mackey