Alrey Batol, Media Art Asia Pacific Residency

 Alley Batol  Clearance  2015, touchscreen game on touchscreen monitor.

Alley Batol Clearance 2015, touchscreen game on touchscreen monitor.

MAAP Media Art Asia Pacific announces their 2016 Residency has been awarded to QCA Interactive Media student Alrey Batol.

Commencing in March 2016, MAAP SPACE will host Alrey in an artist residency progam that will allow Alrey to develop new work with full access to MEDIA BANK equipment and gallery space. This residency allows the artist to process and experiment with raw media materials in an intensive making period.


About Alrey Batol's Practice:

‘All the time I am constantly looking for opportunities to expose or rupture existing systems that operate and govern everyday life. My conceptual work space is so vast that I have to be open to all media which I respectfully try to master; installation, print, web and graphic design, game design, sound art, electronics, computing and photography, there’s no end really. I then consolidate these disciplines to explore some sort of collective anxiety, as well my own personalised ontology of material and capitalist culture.’



Born 1980, Philippines. Living in Brisbane, Australia. Alrey completed a Bachelor of Communication Design from Queensland University of Technology in 2007 and a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Queensland College Of Art in 2014, where he was awarded the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society Award for interdisciplnary sculpture. He was finalist in the Churchie Emerging Art Prize in 2015. Alrey has exhibited nationally in Australia, in various venues such as the Boxcopy (Brisbane), Metro Arts (Brisbane), The Walls Art Space (Gold Coast), Seventh Gallery (Melbourne) and Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney). I have held three solo exhibitions in Brisbane, in 2012 with Witch Meat ARI, in 2013 with Inhouse and in 2015 at A-CH Gallery.