Laini Burton at FASST 2016

Laini Burton recently presented a lecture - Fashion, Body Modification and the Post Human Condition - in the Fine Art Seminar Series Tonight (FASST).

Laini's research centres on body politics, bio-art and design, fashion theory, performance and body/spatial relations. Laini’s professional activities work across practice and theory where she both exhibits and publishes.

"Motivated by the question: How might we ‘fashion’ our bodies in the future? the lecture reflected on a range of examples from cosmetic surgery and extreme body modification, scientific breakthroughs such as the successful bio-fabrication of human flesh, through to the design of wearable organs hosting synthetic life. In taking this discursive approach, Laini presented a talk that urged us to consider the ethical, material and aesthetic aspects of (re)designing ourselves.

By looking more closely at these fringe developments, we can begin to come to terms with the inevitable evolution of the human form that is appearing in the wake of a techno-scientific revolution. In doing so, we can acknowledge the materiality of the body as unstable, and address the fears that accompany the mutable body. Laini argues that, should we be so bold, we may yet configure a relational economy with synthetic life toward an unfixed, evolving politics of species-being."