Jennifer Loy one of three Griffith collaborators on new ARC Research Hub

Jennifer Loy has been named on the University of Queensland's successful grant proposal for an ARC Research Hub for Advanced Solutions to Transform Tall Timber Buildings.

This hub aims to develop skills, knowledge and resources for novel designs of tall timber buildings that incorporate architectural, engineering and sustainability drivers while meeting regulatory constraints. The project aims to develop innovative engineering solutions that address crucial barriers to the use of structural timber in the fast growing and extensive medium-rise tall building market where timber is, on many counts, the ideal construction material. It is expected that eliminating these barriers will open a new market for novel technologies and methods generated through this work.

Associate Professor Jennifer Loy from the Queensland College of Art, and Dr Shanmuganthan Gunlan and Dr Benoit Gilbert from Griffith's School of Engineering are collaborators on this project which was awarded $1,577,087.