GFS Research Seminars

Thursday 5 May Cinema S08_2.14

3pm Darren Fisher
The autofictographic novel

Darren Fisher's Doctoral research has encompassed a wide range of visual experiments and daily drawing practices, with readings into autobiography,representation, truth and disclosure. These have funnelled into the makings of a long form graphic novel discussing themes of love, abuse, and self-knowing. Darren will give an overview of his practice, particularly examining script development, questioning the tenuous separation between autobiography and fiction

4pm Trish Fitzsimons & Angus Veitch
Norman Creek meets Google Earth

Google Earth is transforming our potential to read historical maps and photographs in relation to the topography of contemporary landscapes. 
Yi-Fu Tuan (1977, reprinted 2001) reminds us that 'Long residence enables us to know a place intimately, yet its image may lack sharpness  unless we can also see it from the outside and reflect upon our experience' In this presentation Trish and Angus explore the way that digital technologies can facilitate fresh perspectives vital to engendering a sense of place, using their joint work on Norman Creek as their primary example. 

More Upcoming Seminars
Thursdays 3-5pm Cinema S08_2.14

5 May Trish FitzSimons & Angus Veitch, Norman Creek meets Google Earth & Darren Fisher, The autofictographic novel.
12 May Margaret McVeigh, Does Gender Matter (in film schools) & Deb Beattie, Demo of personal website/online identity.
26 May Nico Meissner, Meet your new colleague and his current work & Herman Van Eyken, Detailed Schedule for CILECT.
2 June Kathryn Millard (tbc), Getting ARC funding to make a feature Doco (with a screening of the film).
*ALTERNATE FINAL SEMINAR - Research Impact and some possible GFS Case studies. GCCAR Staff and Student Seminars

Drinks to conclude the seminar series.