Carol McGregor Art of the Skins

Carol McGregor’s research project, Art of the Skins, will culminate in a major exhibition at the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) from June 2016 – January 2017.

Through historical research, Carol found that in traditional Aboriginal society, possum skin cloaks and rugs were prevalent in South-East Queensland. She views it important to revive this practice by bringing people together for a creative project that immediately reinforces connections to country, cultural heritage and identity.

Carol has facilitated possum skin cloak making workshops with the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast Indigenous communities to reignite and reclaim this cultural tradition. These workshops will culminate in the SLQ exhibition where the first contemporary Queensland cloaks will go on display along with video material from the project.

Please note that the SLQ has included the following disclaimerwith its promotional material:

Possums were traditionally used by Aboriginal people as a natural resource for a number of purposes, including material for clothing. In Australia today possum species are protected under the provision of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. The possum skins used for this program were ethically sourced from New Zealand where the culling of possums and overall treatment of the animal are regulated by the New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals.