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The Australian volume of the Journal of Artists Books (JAB) is out. The covers are by Sue Anderson and Gwen Harrison, printed by the artists and Nick Summers at Plumb Letterpress in Sydney. The journal is full of papers selected from abbe 2015, peer reviewed and edited at GCCAR before being forwarded to JAB. Introducing the papers Sarah Bodman, senior research fellow for Artists Books at the Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE, Bristol, provides a detailed report on the abbe conference. Included in the back of JAB39 are three offset printed artists books by Lyn Ashby, Deidre Brollo and Tim Mosely. With hand printed artwork as the covers we recommend you secure a copy of JAB39 asap. 

The papers are:
Coming to Our Senses with a Modern Mythic Form: Postliteracy in Artistsbooks, by Lyn Ashby; Fumbling Hands and Phantom Limbs: The Photograph, the Hand and the Artist’s Book, by Deidre Brollo; The Grafted Image, by Victoria Cooper; The News and the Book, by Marian Crawford; Machine Translations: Poets, Poetics and the Artists Book, by Caren Florance; Report from a Border: Text and Typography in Australian Artist’s Books,by Angela Gardner and Kerry Kilner; Climbing Discourse: The Legacy of Touch, by Bridget Hillebrand; Designing with/for/through the Existing: Artists’ Books and Documentation, by Marian Macken; the haptic and the emerging critical discourse on artists books, by Tim Mosely; The Equal Standard Broadzine: Using Artworks to Expand the Audience and Language of Social and Political Critique, by Gabriella Wilson.

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