Griffith Review: Fixing the System


Griffith Review: Fixing the System, published in January and edited by Julianne Schultz and Anne Tiernan, sets out to examine Australia's political and social system and to investigate why so many believe it to be unfit for purpose.

While Australia has never been richer, its people better educated and the country better connected internationally, there is a widespread perception that systems and key institutions are broken. Interest groups flex their muscle and block each other. Risk management has paralysed the system. Commentators proclaim the 'end of the reform era'. They lament the rise of a 'new volatility' in the nation's electoral politics; the demise of the capacity and will to lead; and the paucity of debate of the problems and challenges facing Australia. They complain about the resistance to change and openness to bold new ideas, and the ability to talk frankly and fearlessly about the kind of society we want to build for the future. All this is happening in a world that is changing rapidly, but without a clear road map.

The cover of this edition features a painting by GCCAR member, Pat Hoffie. Founding editor Julianne Schultz is also a member of the Centre.

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