Dr William Platz at FASST II 2015

Dr William Platz presented a lecture - Life Drawing, Yawning Zombies and The Dragan Ilic Affair - in the second Fine Art Seminar Series Tonight (FASST), presented by the University of Queensland Society of Fine Art (SoFA).

This paper will ruminate over a few ongoing research projects as part of a longstanding inquiry into contemporary life drawing and the transactions that occur between artists and models. It draws upon recent studio practice and an investigation of Human Canvas — a 1979 performance at Brisbane’s College of Art by artist Dragan Ilic. The studio work blends the symbolic action of yawning with tropes associated with zombie narratives. A key point of reference for this work is an obscure and sinister drawing by Edgar Degas of a young woman yawning. The study of Human Canvas focuses on the transgressions of artist/model and professional/student boundaries and the retributive aftermath of the work. Yawning zombies and the Dragan Ilic affair will frame potentials for disrupting conventional life drawing methods.