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Pamela See, Julie-Anne Milinski and Elizabeth Shaw in 'BLINDSIDE CURTAIN CALL | 1000 2000s SOAP'

  • BLINDSIDE Level 7, 37 Swanston Street Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Australia (map)
 Image sourced from the Australian Archives, Sydney Stock Exchange, 1970.

Image sourced from the Australian Archives, Sydney Stock Exchange, 1970.

CURTAIN CALL brings together works by artists who have previously exhibited at BLINDSIDE. 

Aly Aitken
David Akenson
Santina Amato
Rachel Ang
Jessie Angwin
Beth Arnold
Nick Ashby
Eleanor Avery
James Avery
Jill Barker
Selina Braine
Merric Brettle
Kiera Brew Kurec
Michele Burder
Ben Byrne
Kate Cotching
Bridget Currie
Anna Daly
Jared Davis
Julia Davis
Clare Humphries
Zoe De Luca
Rehgan De Mather
Kim Demuth
Hazel Dooney
Daniel Dorall
Craig Easton
Kel Glaister
Katya Grokhovsky
Michelle Hamer
Jim Hart
PJ Hickman
Stephanie Hicks
Joyce Huang
Amanda Johnson
Lisa Jones
Dena Kahan
Helen Kelly
Anusha Kenny
Susan Lincoln
Michael Lindeman
Natalya Maller
Amy Marjoram
Jessica McElhinney
Pamela See
Julie-Anne Milinski
David Mutch
Kirsten Perry
Debra Porch
Clare Rae
Steven Rendall
Mandy Ridley
Dunja Rmandic
Susan Robb
Giles Ryder
Elizabeth Shaw
Tai Snaith
Lisa Stewart
Andrew Tetzlaff
Jade Venus
Paul White
Jordan Wood
Sary Zananiri

1000 2000s SOAP uses the curatorial position to examine the role of the artist in relation to the gallery and the channels of exchange between artist and institution. Using a ‘call and response’ method of curation, SOAP contacted all artists who exhibited at BLINDSIDE in the years 2004-2009, inviting them to participate in CURTAIN CALL. Being the first 5 years of operation for BLINDSIDE this period was selected by SOAP out of a curiosity to consider the shifts brought about with the new millennium, in relation to the politics of artistic production and participation.

The ‘call and response’ method addresses the challenges of working artists in Australia: the networks formed inside and outside the internet, the scarcity of cheap gallery space and the sparse public and private funds to remunerate artists. S.O.A.P’s curatorial premise brings this exhibition as a form of a democratic collective action. Artists’ diverse but complementary responses range from concepts commenting on art and language, economy of space and time, to visibility, identity politics, individualism and isolation in the digital age.

Opening Night | Thursday 8 December, 6–8pm

SOAP (State of Art Platform) is a collection of artist and writers founded in early 2015, with members contributing from Melbourne and internationally. In the last two years SOAP have been working to create a platform for discussion between artists, researchers, experts and writers in the public domain. SOAP aims to challenge the position of the artwork, questioning existing art platforms and the systems in place which surround the gallery environment. SOAP brings a fluid set of propositions with each assertion to engage social and political current affairs and the current state of art, broadening the possibilities for the intersection of image and language across disciplines.