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Annique Goldenberg in 'Remoulding the Landscape'

  • White Box Gallery Gold Coast G14 Visual Arts Building, Parklands Drive Southport (map)
 Remoulding the Landscape detail – Annique Goldenberg

Remoulding the Landscape detail – Annique Goldenberg

MVA candidate Annique Goldenberg presents an exploratory installation of her practice-led relationship with her materials. An affinity for water in its many forms, particularly melting ice, has become Annique Goldenberg’s primary material of research, viewing it as a metaphor for both her art and life practices, as well as for the ephemeral nature of existence. At the core of her process-led practice is the aleatoric mark; the strategy of allowing chance to enter the creative process. Actively encouraging this strategy, Goldenberg works in partnership with materials and their environment, responding to their transformative outcomes over time.

Working with the properties of ink soaked melting ice, gravity and time, Goldenberg is interfering with crushed large scale monoprints on heavy weight, momigamied1 paper. The ink finds its own way through the folds and wrinkles finally settling on the Hahnemuhle paper placed underneath. Once dry, the large-scale work is unfolded, creating a sculptural terrain of peaks and valleys, revealing the path of the water. There is a tension in the paper as it holds its shape, a sense of contraction as the memory within the fibres pull in on themselves, reforming after the influence of the artist’s actions. The revealed drawing underneath holds the memory of the ‘run-off’, just a dry mark remains, the water evaporated.

Gallery Hours: 9 am – 4 pm, Monday to Friday