Undermining Landscape | Aquifer | Vie De Pacifique/Pacific Life

Undermining Landscape | Jennifer Sanzaro-Nishimura

This body of work investigates the effects of mining on the Australian Landscape, in particular open cut mining. Australia is a mineral rich country that derives much of its income from mining and its associated industries. The Australian economy has become so reliant on the mining industry that devastating changes have impinged on the pastoral, farming and regional areas not to mention the Traditional Land owners. Politically it is a minefield of deceptive reports and Media.

Aquifer | Jude Roberts

The art making process I use is in response to the physical sites I have worked on in areas of the Great Artesian Basin of Eastern Australia. Drawing imprinting and transferring information from various specific water locations has developed my investigations into human concepts of time in relation to geology and history. Experimentation with various print making processes including lithography unearth the real, the imaginary, the tangible and the intangible as themes in my work.

Vie De Pacifique/Pacific Life | Pacific Perimeter Print Exchange 2012-14

Including artists from:
Impress Printmakers Studio, Brisbane
Taller 99 Studio, Chile
University of Hawaii, Manoa
Joshibi University of Art and Design, Japan
Green Lane Studio, New Zealand
Printmakers Association of the Philippines
Motalava artists, Vanuatu

Impress Printmakers Studio have initiated this exchange to coincide with the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial in Brisbane, it also coincides with the Association of South Sea Islanders 150 Years Commemoration in 2013. Conceived, coordinated and curated by Impress president Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura, it is a collaboration between printmakers from seven countries around the Pacific Ocean. Vie de Pacifique – Pacific Life gives the peoples of the Pacific a platform to express their concerns for the region through the many and varied forms of print media.