Griffith Review Edition 47


That vast expanse called Western Australia – a new frontier for many, yet home to others for millennia. What is the future for Australia’s wealthiest state?

In Australia, the lure of bounty from mineral riches has drawn generations of fortune hunters to its western third. For some this was a stop on the road to a better place, for many a destination for new beginnings, but for its orignal inhabitants dislocation was inevitable.

In the 1980s Perth became a byword for ‘new wealth’. In the 21st century it has grown into a boomtown the likes of which Australia hasn’t seen since the 1850s. There is evidence this is starting to slow, but what will be left when the mining boom is subdued?

Western Australia is also huge and separated from the eastern populations by such a vast desert that it may almost be an island of its own. This creates unique issues and perspectives which challenge the ideas and presumptions of the rest of Australia.

Griffith Review 47: Looking West, co-edited by Julianne Schultz and Anna Haebich, examines booming Western Australia through essay, memoir, fiction and poetry by some of Western Australia's most exciting and innovative writers. 

Griffith Review 47: Looking West  is a collaboration between Griffith Review and Curtin University.