Art With Purpose

Art with Purpose
Exhibition, The Edge, State Library of Queensland,
Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Co-located with the Joint Conference on
Serious Games — JCSG 2016, Brisbane,
Australia, 26–27 September 2016.

Art with Purpose exhibition catalogue – published in conjunction with Joint Conference on Serious Games – JCSG 2016. 

Art with Purpose, curated under the direction of Dr Tim Marsh with appraisal of works from panel of experts* brings together nine works of interactive art and games that explore new possibilities for interaction, play, narrative, story and experience for purpose.

Exhibitors: Patrick Jarnfelt, Andrea Hasselager, Daniel Galbraith, Sean Fitzpatrick, Thomas Hanley, Brigid Costello, Andi Spark, Kiran Ijaz, Yifan Wang, David Milne, Rafael Calvo, Tim Marsh, Nathan Jensen, Whitney Constantine, Elliot Miller, Madeleine Boyd, Jason Haggerty and Tyson Foster.

Editor: Tim Marsh
ISBN: 9781925455427

* Panel of Experts: Naoko Tosa, Cecile Prado, Jon Weinbren, Conor Linehan, Sebastian Deterding, Gordon Moyes, Brigid Costello, Sandy Louchart, Victor Lim Fei, Verity McIntosh