Dogs Are Not Food

So many stories to tell. Being at the zoo, the vet clinic, the Animal Friends Jogja facilities in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Hearing about cultural practices of abuse but not being able to understand the whys behind them, coming from another culture. Indonesia has its own rules and traditions; it has a heritage that involves rituals subjectively perceived as positive and negative. Or not? Is it subjectively wrong that dogs taken by the streets or abducted from their owners, end up being slaughtered in horrible conditions for their meat? If so, that which cannot be questioned is the disconnection between the humans and their animality. Tradition is not the only human condition normalising abuse. Seeing animals as commodities, a perception strongly influenced by a westernised reading of life allows people to treat them as waste, discard them when no longer useful to play, show off, own. Through a research process followed so as to discover the rationale supporting these understandings, status surfaced as an additional reason; dogs and cats and birds being symbols of wealth, trophies to exhibit.